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Our Ethos

We are a fast growing wealth management boutique, providing investment management and financial planning to private clients, institutions, trustees and charities. Our goal is simple – to protect and grow our clients wealth. We have taken time to build a team of experienced professionals and have created a culture of highly personal service based on our core values, delivering independent and institutional quality investment and financial planning services.

Those core values are:


At the outset, I (Kent Cheng Chung,CEO) take this opportunity to introduce Orelex Financial Services.

adfc474c8705338cc67011a079ef82e2We are a young growing & leading Mutual Investment Management & trading services providing company,well renowned as “Orelex Trading & Financial Services”, offering Unbiased and Professional Financial Services with nearly 10 years as in traditional & 5 years of online presence, experience in helping people protect and grow their wealth. We’ve helped to create more millionaires than any other company . But its our deep personal relationships with clients that truly sets us apart. With a Worldwide network of presence via our authorized Representative or Entrepreneurs around the globe, Orelex offers an incredibly diverse range of Unbiased and Professional Financial Services to fit our client’s needs.It is purely formed in 2011 by the Warner one of London’s leading Metals broker, TURKISH-SCOTTISHH Financial, and Somoa’s premier energy broker, SA.MO (IT-UE-UK) Group.

As a step towards extending the benefits of financial assessment, we invite you to sample our Systematic Financial Assessment tool.

Starting with our proprietary Systematic Financial Assessment process, this gives you comprehensive insight into your financial life, which helps you to choose the best Systematic self-mutual financial instruments that will help you create wealth.
It lets you select investment schemes, plan for a comfortable retirement or secure your child’s future besides ensuring adequate coverage against unforeseen eventualities. And, the best part is it is completely customized for you, to work best in your interest.

We are shortly going to be start our services across the globe. We will be fully operational for all our Associates very soon.Stay Tuned!!

In summary, we want to be an established brand combining traditional values with contemporary delivery that embraces modern technology. To be pioneering and aspirational as we evolve yet remaining focused on our core business. We have built a strong internal culture characterized by openness and a determination to deliver excellence resulting in a loyal and highly motivated team whose welfare is central to our business.Quite simply, we believe this is the key to delivering a quality service and to retaining satisfied and loyal clients who are proud advocates for our brand.

We at Orelex Trading & Financial Services strive to operate with honesty, integrity and respect for others. Our vision and mission serve as touchstones, helping us define who we are and what we do as a company. They are woven into the fabric of our corporate culture, reminding us to always measure up to the standards of excellence we’ve set for our organization and ourselves.

We are shortly going to be start our services across the globe. We will be fully operational for all our Associates very soon.Stay Tuned!!

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